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Every day is a journey and the journey leads back to you.

A Survivor’s Story and Self-Help Guide

Life After Thyroidectomy is a groundbreaking self-help book that focuses on the patient’s journey from thyroid disease diagnosis, to treatment, symptoms, and what you can expect after thyroidectomy.

Rebecca shares gripping patient testimony in a way not told before or in such personal details. In addition to facts about the disease itself, you’ll read how Rebecca handled challenges, resulting from struggles with the disease, the side effects of thyroidectomy and so much more. Read More

It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.​


Your thyroid symptoms are real!

Your TSH is normal, but you don’t feel normal? You’re not alone.

Rebecca Ireland’s Life After Thyroidectomy discusses the negative and often times severe side effects of thyroid disease, hypothyroidism, thyroidectomy and thyroid cancer in personal details like never before.

Learn about:




Questions to ask your doctor

More than 200 Thyroid Symptoms


Weight Gain

How and what to eat

and Your Emotions

"Rebecca has taken something negative and turned it into a force for good."

~Dr. Kressimira Milas, Chief of Endocrine Surgery, Banner University.

Life After Thyroidectomy is filled with tips and information every patient asks about. Everything from what to ask your doctor before surgery, what foods to eat –  what to avoid, preparing for RAI, diet & exercise, as well as the emotional side effects of thyroid disease and thyroidectomy and, so much more!

“It’s more than just taking a pill for the rest of your life, it’s whole new way of living” ~Rebecca Ireland

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Rebecca Ireland is a 13-year thyroid cancer survivor.

Author, Entrepreneur & Inventor of ThyVita.

As the Creator of the Support Group Life After Thyroidectomy she has spent the last 13-years talking with patients, doctors, speech therapists and nutrition specialists to bring you the most comprehensive answers and solutions to Life After Thyroidectomy and living with chronic thyroid disease.

She has brought together her own life experiences and years of dedicated research to create one of the best selling books today about Life After Thyroidectomy.